ASMR Explained

A.S.M.R. is short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It refers to a pleasant and relaxing involuntary response that occurs in many people as a result of exposure to certain stimuli or “triggers”. The sensation can be different from person to person but it is generally characterized by a tingling feeling in the head, neck, back or limbs. The triggers are also unique to the individual, but some common ones include:

  • Personal attention

  • Soft speaking and/or close up whispering

  • Hypnotic hand motions

  • Repetitive tasks

  • The sound of tapping on objects or crinkling objects

  • Massage, spa treatments, makeup application, hair cuts or hair play

Because it is such a relaxing, meditative and pleasurable sensation, many people who experience ASMR also enjoy trying to recreate or induce it in themselves. This is why ASMR videos created by “ASMR-tists” have become increasingly popular on social video platforms like Youtube.

ASMR has many wellness benefits and can be employed as:

  • a sleep aid

  • a form of self care or “me time”

  • a relief from feelings of stress, anxiety or depression

  • a meditative practice or way to be present

  • a therapeutic feeling of closeness or intimacy

  • relaxation and entertainment

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