'Meditate' Essential Oil Blend

'Meditate' Essential Oil Blend


‘Meditate’ essential oil blend calms and soothes the soul. Diffuse, drop into bath, or dilute and spray onto linens or throughout your space to encourage meditation, serenity and clarity. Peacefully made with 100% pure and certified organic essential oils.

ATLAS CEDARWOOD – Sedative action for soothing nervous tension. Promotes a meditative state of awareness.
LAVENDER ANGUSTIFOLIA – Stabilises emotions and brings a feeling of calm. Great for insommia, stress and depression.
LEMON – A cleansing oil, wonderful for the immune system.
FRANKINCENSE PREMIUM – Very effective as a sedative, inducing a feeling of mental peace, satisfaction and spirituality. It awakens insight and helps with anger and stress.
FRENCH ROSEMARY – Aids mental capacity, improves mental clarity and helps clear the head.

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12ml (0.4 US fl oz)

*Please consult your health professional before using any essential oils during pregnancy, breastfeeding or if you suffer from other medical conditions.