'Dream' Bath Salts

'Dream' Bath Salts

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Imagine a beautiful angel come down from heaven above, wrapping you in their arms and sweeping you away on a ride through the softest clouds, bluest sky and freshest air. Then setting you down among a field of flowers in a bed of feathery dandelion seeds. That’s what these luxurious salts smell like. The most divine bath salts you will ever use. Period.

Himalayan & Epsom Salts completely saturated with rich, silky Dream Essential Oils & Divine Lavender Flowers to take you off to another place. Detoxifying and relaxing. Perfect before bed, to de-stress or to rid yourself of toxic energy that has been collected throughout the day.

*Ceramic dish not included

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Himalayan salt, bath rock salt, epsom salts, organic tapioca starch, chamomile flowers, lavender flowers, lemon balm leaf, rosemary, blue cornflowers, organic essential oils of lavender, sandalwood, chamomile, sweet orange & petitgrain (bitter orange).

Australian made, cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic, amazing.