Bergamot Tree Soap

Bergamot Tree Soap


This extremely popular and quick selling soap is extra gentle on skin and combines the comforting fragrance of bergamot and black tea for a fresh nod to classic Earl Grey. The formula contains bentonite clay and coffee to gently cleanse and draw toxins from the skin, complimenting the extra-moisturizing olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter soap recipe.

The natural colouring comes from coffee grounds (sterilized, no smell) for an added exfoliating effect and it’s finished with a pretty tree stamp, making it a beautiful gift. The smooth and warming scent makes this soap smell good enough to eat and its fragrance will linger on your skin throughout the day, like the memory of a gentle kiss.

115g / 4.05oz

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Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed), raw organic coconut oil, distilled water, rice bran oil, sweet almond oil, canola oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, castor oil, bergamot pure essential oil, bentonite clay, coffee, titanium dioxide, black tea fragrance oil.

Vegan, free of palm oil, and all ingredients are responsibly sourced and never tested on animals. Zero waste and packaged in compostable hand stamped tissue paper.

Made in Western Australia from local and imported ingredients.

Soap is a natural cosmetic, but please test before use. It is designed to be used on the body and although there are no harmful ingredients, please do not ingest.