5 Awesome ASMR Resources You Need To Know About


I met this really cool chick in a class I was taking a few months ago. Turns out she’s into ASMR as well and we were both SO totally stoked to find another living, breathing tingle hunter in real life. We got to talking about our favourite ASMRtists and what we were currently watching / listening to. Turns out she’s a big fan of the lovely ASMR Darling, but had never heard of Emma Whispers Red! I was positively flabbergasted. I couldn’t fathom how someone could be into ASMR but had never stumbled across Emma on Youtube. It’s as unthinkable as someone who’s into classical music having never heard of Beethoven. But it actually totally is possible of course, and it got me thinking about how sometimes we get a bit stuck in our own routines. We stick to our favourites – the safe things that we know we like. The ASMR videos we know will get us right to sleep when we need to catch some serious ZZZs. We don’t often make the time to explore all of the incredible new content that’s popping up around us every minute. There’s also no official starting point on this journey of ASMR discovery either. So I thought I would share a few awesome ASMR resources that you might not have heard of with the hopes that you perhaps learn something, discover your new favourite ASMRtist, or find a cool community to support you while you build your own ASMR channel. So without further delay, here are 5 Awesome ASMR Resources You Need To Know About:

#5. ASMR Video Recommendations

ASMR Video Recommendations is a private Facebook Group for members of the ASMR community. Running for well over 2 years now and described as “a place for everyone to share their favourite ASMR videos”, the group has almost 3000 members and provides a constant feed of fresh new ASMR content daily. It seems to have become a place for budding ASMRtists to promote their new works and give / receive feedback moreso than a collection of classic ASMR favourites, but it’s filled with interesting and creative content. This group is another great place to discover up and coming ASMRtists who may not have made it into your Youtube feed just yet, or perhaps another place to gain a bit of exposure for your own channel.

#4. The ASMR University

The definitive resource for all things ASMR - The ASMR University. Founded by Dr. Craig Richard, Professor of Biopharmaceutical Sciences at Shenandoah University in Virginia, USA, the ASMR University is by far the most comprehensive and well researched internet resource on ASMR to date. Dr. Richard’s ASMR Research Project aims to produce one of the first and largest global demographic studies about ASMR to help us better understand the science behind it. He has written a book called Brain Tingles and has served as a media consultant on recent, totally awesome ASMR features including the Michelob / Zoe Kravitz ASMR Superbowl commercial and the Netflix ASMR special. The website features a chronological history of ASMR as we know it as well as cool stuff like ASMR Origin Theory. Get lost “in your own head” for hours exploring all the fascinating information on this website.

#3. The ASMR Collective

The ASMR Collective is a blog and newsfeed that highlights current ASMR news from around the web, spotlights innovative ASMRtists and manages a private forum for ASMR content creators. ASMRtists can sign up for their own profile in the members area to share their current works, thoughts, struggles, ask for advice, discuss gear, receive exclusive discounts on products, propose collaborations and more. The ASMR Collective also features an ongoing A-Z of ASMRtists complete with profiles and greatest video hits for you to browse. A wonderful way to discover new artists, expand your ASMR favourites playlist, and get involved in the ASMR community.

#2. ASMR TV on Instagram

ASMR TV is a fantastic Instagram feed featuring the internet’s current and hottest ASMR hits. They repost the best ASMR videos focusing on closeup sounds, whispers and roleplays. Always quality and their 60,000 followers agree!

#1. Tingles App

Tingles is a beautifully designed, user-friendly app available for both iOS and Android. It could be argued that Tingles is an even better way to experience ASMR than Youtube. Free to use but includes Premium upgrades (monthly, yearly or lifetime payments) to unlock advanced features, Tingles allows to you follow top ASMRtists, select videos by category (female, male, white noise, mukbang, etc.), by language and even by trigger. The dark and lovely interface is similar to Spotify’s and offers a truly premium ASMR exploration experience.

Hope you’ll find something new here to add to your ASMRepertoire. Until next time, sleep well Tingle Friends.