Meditate Glass Votive Candle

Meditate Glass Votive Candle


“Meditate” organic scent is a calming blend. Use it to encourage meditation, serenity and clarity. Peacefully made with 100% pure and certified organic essential oils, Meditate calms and soothes the soul.

CEDARWOOD – Natural sedative properties, stress relief and deodoriser. Promotes clarity.

FRANKINCENSE – Calming and soothing to the mind. Awakens insight. Spiritually uplifting.

LAVENDER – Balancing, cleansing, soothing and healing. Wonderful for the immune system. Brings calm and compassion. Promotes sleeps.

MYRRH – Relaxing, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Can assist with hayfever problems.

215g, single wick, made with pure essential oils and Australian Certified Organic Ingredients

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The natural soy wax in this beautiful candle is cosmetic grade, certified kosher and genetically unaltered. There’s no beeswax, petroleum, paraffin, plastics, toxins, pesticides or herbicides. Lemon Canary waxes come from sustainable farming and they are a renewable resource that can be replaced at the same rate or faster than can be consumed without damaging the ecosystem.

This natural aromatherapy candle is made with organic ingredients, premium pure cotton wicks (zinc and lead free) and burns 25-50% longer than some paraffin wax candles.

Lovingly hand poured in small batches this candle is designed for your health and well-being. It’s detoxifying and safe around pregnancies, babies and pets.

Lemon Canary soy candles are

  • non-toxic

  • clean burning

  • vegan

  • eco-friendly

  • renewable

  • 100% vegetable

  • pesticide free

  • not tested on animals

  • do not stain