Coconut Bowl

Coconut Bowl


These natural and eco-friendly bowls are created with discarded coconut shells that were otherwise destined for landfill in Cambodia. They are hand sanded for an ultra smooth and beautiful, tappable sounding finish. Each one is unique and special.

Being a natural material, coconut shell bowls can be used for a variety of food items, both hot and cold. They are not coated with any sealants and we recommend washing your coconut bowl by hand to keep the natural beauty of the shell. It is also best not to microwave your coconut bowl.

Enjoy the morning ritual of blending yourself a yummy fruit smoothie to serve in your coconut bowl, topped with fresh fruits, nuts, chia seeds, cacao nibs or whatever your heart desires.

Roughly 12-14cm diameter (5.75 in), 7cm deep (2.5 in)

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