SleepPhones Wireless Breeze / Pitch Black

SleepPhones Wireless Breeze / Pitch Black


SleepPhones® headphones are designed especially with comfort in mind. They are luxuriously soft headbands containing thin removable speakers suited for all types of audio including ASMR, meditation, music, audiobooks, etc. They are excellent for travel and also for blocking out noises when sleeping.

SleepPhones® Wireless utilizes Bluetooth® technology to wirelessly connect with compatible devices for those who prefer to be unconstrained by cords. They are lightweight, hypoallergenic and machine washable when the speakers are removed.

The Breeze fabric is light, airy and moisture wicking.

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Small 51cm-54cm or 20” - 21 3/8”

Medium 55cm-59cm or 21 1/2” - 23 3/8"

Measure around your forehead, just above the ears, and around your hair in the back to determine head size. If your measurement falls on a size cut off, we recommend that you order the smaller size SleepPhones® as there is a bit of stretch in the material (95% polyester, 5% spandex).


  • Plug: Micro-USB plug

  • Impedance: 32 Ω

  • Frequency: 20-20 kHz

  • Power: 300/500 mW

  • Compliance: RoHS compliant (lead-free)

  • Stereo